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With our high-end equipment , RUNCHENG PACKAGING offers you a variety of the printing finish options to make your packaging stand out in the market.

Cosmetic Paper Box

  • Cream Box
  • Eye Shadow Box
  • Eye Liner Box
  • Foundation Box
  • Hair Extension Box
  • Hair Spray Box
  • Lip Balm Box
  • Lip Gloss Box
  • Lipstick Box
  • Lotion Box
  • Makeup Box
  • Mascara Box
  • Nail Polish Box
  • Perfume Box
  • Cosmetic Paper Tubes

Food & Beverage Paper Box

  • Cake Box
  • Candy Box
  • Chocolate Box
  • Coffee Box
  • Tea Box
  • Wine Box

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Reverse tuck end boxes

Product Description

Reverse tuck end packaging boxes are well known for their unique and discreet stylistic attributes. The joint of the standard reverse tuck end box is situated at the joining along the right side panel of the box at its tail end. The closing panels at the tip end and the bottom end swipe in opposite directions with the bottom getting folded and closed out at the box’s back end and the top panel folding out and closing at the front end.

These type of boxes can be assembled both by hand and by the help of automatic machines. Depending upon the amount of boxes that are to be assembled before consumption. The top of these boxes comprises a chafing lock and the bottom end is geared up with a slit lock that tucks in which makes the opening and closing of these boxes extremely neat and efficient.


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