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1. Design

To communicate with customers and design the packaging solution, as per market positioning and product characteristics:

Physical features: weight, volume, shockproof, etc.

Chemical features: waterproofness, anti-corrosion, etc.

Market positioning: High-grade, middle-grade and low-grade. 

Consumer groups: Infants, children, youth, middle-aged and elderly people.

Basing on packaging profession, provide suggestions and comments to the guests, to reduce the waste and failure.


2. Drawing file making

As per proposed solution, to choose the mass-tone attune , locate the accurate image-text , make the correct text ,die cutter line and other details.


3.Making sample

Making the samples with confirmed design and size  


4. Test

To achieve the guest's request through multiple testing. Samples are finally approved by customers.



5. Send the sample to customer for finally confirm


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