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With our high-end equipment , RUNCHENG PACKAGING offers you a variety of the printing finish options to make your packaging stand out in the market.

Cosmetic Paper Box

  • Cream Box
  • Eye Shadow Box
  • Eye Liner Box
  • Foundation Box
  • Hair Extension Box
  • Hair Spray Box
  • Lip Balm Box
  • Lip Gloss Box
  • Lipstick Box
  • Lotion Box
  • Makeup Box
  • Mascara Box
  • Nail Polish Box
  • Perfume Box
  • Cosmetic Paper Tubes

Food & Beverage Paper Box

  • Cake Box
  • Candy Box
  • Chocolate Box
  • Coffee Box
  • Tea Box
  • Wine Box

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Double locked wall lid boxes

Product Description

Double locked wall lid boxes are used to package heavy items. These boxes are made with sturdy materials that can also be cut into any sizes. They also have additional flaps, which extends from the front wall upward at an angle of 90 degrees. These boxes are also from the non-glued style of packaging boxes where items are shipped flat. They are also unique in their design. However, both walls on the sides and front of these boxes are doubled with extended flaps, which also meet with the bottom of the box, which makes it a three-sided foot box. Double locked wall lid will safeguard your products from any potential damage. These boxes can withstand any form of abrasion, and they can be used to add more value to your business.


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