Welcome to Hefei Runcheng Printing Co., Ltd.

With our high-end equipment , RUNCHEGN PACKAGING offers you a variety of the printing finish options to make your packaging stand out in the market.

Cosmetic Paper Box                Food & Beverage Paper Box                    

Cream Box                                                Cake Box

Eye Shadow Box                                       Candy Box

Eye Liner Box                                            Chocolate Box

Foundation Box                                        Coffee Box

Hair Extension Box                                   Tea Box

Hair Spray Box                                          Wine Box

Lip Balm Box

Lip Gloss Box

Lipstick Box

Lotion Box

Makeup Box

Mascara Box

Nail Polish Box

Perfume Box

Cosmetic Paper Tubes

Printing and Finish

Adding character, texture & personalization is the key to differentiating your brand from your competitors. Our box manufacturing offers endless additional process options on printing & finishing.

Most Popular Paper Box Styles               Printing Options

Double locked wall lid                                              4-8 colors litho offset printing

Double wall tuck front                                              Flexographic Printing

Double wall tuck top                                                Silk Screen Printing

Double wall with display lid                                     UV Printing

Five panel hanger                                                    Matte & Gloss lamination

Four corner cake box                                               Embossing & Debossing

Four corner with display lid                                     Metallic Foil Stamping

Full flap auto bottom

Lift off lid

Paper brief case

Pillow box

Regular six corner box

Reverse tuck end

Seal end

Seal end auto bottom

Straight tuck end

Tuck end auto bottom

Tuck end snap bottom

Box Design

We have a great group of designers in RUNCHEGN PACKAGING. They have a deep understanding of the color and the printing ink. They know how to use the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to choose the most fancy safe colors. Also each of them is one of the most creative structure designers. They can create the most special box styles for your products, which are functional, economical and full of the beauty of design.

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